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Androids and iPhones have taken over the world and new business opportunities arise every day, because of the features offered in both Mobile Application systems. The cell phone is, nowadays, much more than a telephone. It is a sanctuary of necessary information in the daily life of the user and of great use for brands, when used correctly. Whenever the use of your content assumes high relevance for the customer, the mobile application or application is the ideal component to ensure loyalty and create meta data that will allow you to consolidate your brand in the management of your leads. FEEDBACK FROM MOBILE APP. So that you can better understand this technology, we leave you 10 topics below that explain its potential for your brand. 1. Customer loyalty Whoever downloads your Mobile Application will remember your brand whenever they need something related to your services. They will be very inclined to seek you out in times of doubt, to solve problems or to save time. 2. Customer relationship By having created a loyalty bond, the brand image will be strengthened. The user will trust the company's banners, what it offers and will understand that it is willing to listen and partner with the customer when he needs its services. 3. Disclose Promotions Providing discount coupons for those who download the Mobile Application is a good strategy for customers to decide to download it. Momentary promotion notifications are also interesting to drive decisions, as the customer understands the recurring advantages of keeping the Mobile Application on their phone. 4. Events Publicizing events promoted or hosted by your company is much easier! By enabling notifications, the user receives a reminder from the Mobile Application on his screen, notifying him of the event and its details. 5. Launch Notification Notify your customers firsthand of the launch of products or services. Invite them to discover the novelty in person or inform them of its attributes and advantages through the Mobile Application itself. 6. Ease of obtaining information Offline map, opening hours, particularities of the services, e-mail, contact telephone number, among others. 7. Suggestions channel Opportunity to improve services provided through a direct channel with the consumer, where it is possible to know what was best or worst in the experience he had. This credits the user's confidence in the company, as they understand the brand's commitment to improving its services. 8. Shorten paths To obtain reservations, arrange visits, resolve a question or even notify a possible change 9. Direct access to content The site's blog, event photos and social media updates. 10. Press room What's in the media about you and restricted access to what you want to be in the media. It's a strategy to keep people informed of the good and bad news that needs to be conveyed. Remember that transparency is essential these days. If you want to remain relevant to your customers and attract as many audiences as possible, you can take advantage of the Webdesign service with Webhouse. Learn more at:
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