What are digital influencers?

If you often browse on social networks, surely you already have heard this term. Although recent, it serves to designate a group of people whose popularity can be used to influence a wide range of consumers through their opinions and choices. These have been increasingly sought after by brands, precisely because of the weight they have between their consumers.   Origin of digital influencers The origin of digital influencers is exclusively on the Internet. Although the platforms from which they come may be of several types, the common point among all of them is that their activity passes exclusively through the Internet. It is through this that they build a broad network of "followers" who are no more than a group of people who "follow" and access most of the content that the digital influencer produces. The influencer tries to produce original content that is of interest of its audience. A digital influencer will have more value the bigger the network size of followers is because the greater the audience he can reach with his publications. Often, to achieve this status, it takes a few years. Only in this way the influencer can achieve sustained growth and bring together an audience of a few million people.   Relationship with brands Trademark marketers soon realized that digital influencers could play a key role in promoting businesses. Because they have so many people who follow them and consider their choices and opinions valid, they could be an important vehicle of influence in these same people. Most of the time there is the advantage of each digital influencer appeals to a specific audience, so it makes possible for brands to segment their advertising. For this you only need to identify the most relevant digital influencer for the target audience of your business. This way targeted campaigns are possible and, consequently, the probability of good results is higher. Age range, habits and interests can be segmented with relative ease, according to a particular digital influencer.   How much does a digital influencer cost? Digital influencers usually work in two distinct ways: per campaign or long-term collaborations. In the first situation the professional is hired only for the purpose of making a particular campaign. This usually involves promoting a particular product through videos, photos, and / or an opinion. The second case occurs when the digital influencer signs a broader agreement with a brand, in which it undertakes over a period of time to produce diverse content to promote various products. In both cases the amount they can earn can vary greatly. As already mentioned, a digital influencer is more valuable the greater is its base of followers. Thus there can be very disparate prices. An influencer still with few followers may be willing to promote a product only in exchange for the offer of this same product. In this case there is no cash payment. On the other hand, a professional with a few million followers can easily charge several thousand euros to make a reference of a particular good or service to their audience.
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