The importance of a good image on the web

More and more consumers are looking for reviews of companies, products or services on the Internet before making a purchase. The Internet has always been a space for information sharing, but in recent years it has taken on more importance with regard

17 April, 2019

More and more consumers are looking for reviews of companies, products or services on the Internet before making a purchase. The Internet has always been a space for information sharing, but in recent years it has taken on more importance with regard to brands. If a few years ago the perception of the image of a brand passed a lot through the "word of mouth" between friends, nowadays it passes through the Internet and the dominant opinion that resides there.

Cultivating excellence and communication

The best way to maintain a good image of your business is, as one would expect, to be guided by extreme professionalism and dedication. This way you will always have satisfied customers and you will get positive Internet reviews for your business, online and in person, and give you publicity. In spite of your efforts, there may always be situations that may generate some discontent from a client. The best way to deal with this is to always promote communication to the fullest. This way, you can solve the situation in the best possible way. Failure to respond, or to respond lately, in such a situation can easily lead to a bad experience reported online.

Main evaluation platforms

Although there are some specific evaluation platforms for certain business areas, there are some that are transversal to all.

Facebook, being the largest and most popular social network, is one of the main sources of information that customers can use to get referrals about a brand. The Facebook page evaluation system allows any user to assign a rating of 1 to 5 stars as well as a comment to a particular business. This review will then be posted on the page and will be visible to all people. Note that the page owner can opt out of reviews, and in that case, no user can evaluate the business in question. Usually this is not well seen, since those who refuse to be evaluated often have a bad reason for this ... Because of this, very rarely the owners opt for desactivate reviews so this is usually turned on for many business pages.

Google, being the largest and most used search engine also has a system of business reviews. When searching for a business name on Google, a box will appear with the description of this business and some important information such as location, hours of operation, and more. In addition it also shows a system of reviews of 1 to 5 stars related to the business. Like Facebook, anyone can give feedback to a business. In this case, you just need to have a Google account and log into it so that you can assign a rating to any company.


The presence on the Internet is already an unavoidable reality for all businesses. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important to have a good image on the evaluation platforms relevant to the business. This situation happens because people make their buying decisions often based on reviews they make beforehand on the Internet. So do not be left behind and start making your image on the web today!

The internet develops and renews itself in micro seconds, making today's truth, information out of date in minutes, hours or days. All information in this article is valid and current on the date of publication.

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How to upgrade your laptop without much money

Due to the rapid progress of computer technologies, a high-end computer will soon not be considered such a thing. The specifications become obsolete over time. Thus, many people often look for options to be able to improve the overall performance of their machine. Whether it's your personal computer or your company's computer system, in this article we'll provide some tips on how to upgrade, and with less money than you think.   What parts are replaceable? Unlike very common desktop computers a few years ago, in laptop computers it is not feasible to replace some components. While on desktop computers, virtually all parts could be replaced, from the motherboard, processor, RAM, hard disk and graphics card, there is no such facility in laptops. Motherboard for example is difficult to replace as well as the graphics card. This aspect is due to space limitations. With respect to the graphics card, it is often integrated into the motherboard which prevents any upgrade at that level. Besides there being no possible connections to a new graphics card, there is simply no space to accommodate it inside the laptop. In portable computers the most easily replaceable parts, that can have a significant impact on their performance, are RAM and the disk, that we will discuss in more detail below.   RAM and disk upgrade RAM has a direct impact on your computer's performance. As the fastest access memory in your system, all data required by the programs you are running at a given time are temporarily stored in it. Thus, the larger the RAM, the more data can be quickly accessible rather than having to repeatedly access the hard disk (which is a slower access memory). On the other hand, this component is usually easy to replace. There is often a cover underneath the laptop, through which it is easy to access. When buying RAM memory you should pay attention to its specifications, namely frequency and speed. Each motherboard "accepts" memories of a certain type, which it must respect. Additionally must check the maximum memory that the motherboard supports. Once you have the above mentioned cautions you can then move on to buying RAM memories. What is recommended is that you buy the maximum that the motherboard supports. This way you get the most out of your system performance limits. Another component that you can update with some ease, and can improve the generic performance of your computer, is the hard drive, if it is not yet an SSD. This recent technology has come to break with the SATA hard drives that have been used over the past few years. The great advantage of SSD disks is the significantly different read and write speeds. With this new technology the access to read or write data on the hard drive is much faster. This characteristic usually leads to a general improvement of the speed of access and use to programs.   Costs involved The above two components are readily available in many specialty stores. It is, however, necessary to compare characteristics and prices between various establishments. An upgrade of this kind could cost around € 100, which turns out to be a competitive price, considering that, depending on your current system, you can get relevant performance improvements.

Custom made software - what is it?

You've probably heard this term associated with services provided by technology companies. In this article we'll look at exactly what it consists of and what its advantages and disadvantages are.   The meaning Custom made software, as the name suggests, means developing customized software for a particular customer. The objective is to respond to a specific need, reason why, is developed from scratch. For example, a restaurant may have a need to manage the food stock and expiration dates. In this case the development of a software intended to make stock management, with the particularities necessary to this particular business, can be developed.   Advantages / disadvantages of custom software The great advantage of custom software is that it is entirely designed to meet a particular need. The customer is thus able to have a final product that perfectly matches what he was looking for and responds perfectly to his needs. As an alternative to the development of custom software, you can simply use an existing software that meets your needs at least in part. The great advantage of this approach is often the cost. Developing custom software is usually more expensive than using an existing software. In the first case, a programming team will develop software from scratch, while in the second case it is already developed and probably part or all of the production cost of the software is already paid. The aspect referred above is also responsible, in part, for the variation in the cost of developing a website. If you prefer to develop a website from a template the costs tend to be lower when compared to develop an entire website from the scratch. On the other hand, although more competitive in terms of costs, the use of software already developed, may not respond perfectly to the details and needs of the customer.   Choosing a Development Company When you want to develop customized software, the first step you have to go through is the choice of the company that will develop the project. In this aspect there are several companies in the area in Portugal to provide this type of service. The ideal is to always ask for proposals from various software development companies, such as Web House, for example, and thus be able to compare between the various ones. Keep in mind some key things: Use of popular languages ​​/ technologies - you should try to use languages, ​​in the programming of your software, that are popular and had an extensive support historically. In this way they can guarantee their subsistence over time; Monitoring during the development process - while the software is developed it is very useful for the company to closely meet with the Client. Only in this way the final work respond exactly to the client's needs and ambitions; Long-term support - No software is an enclosed product. It is normal that, with the passage of time and more intensive use of it, it is necessary to make some corrections of  bugs and optimizations. So it is of utmost importance for the company to ensure long-term support of the software.   Conclusion Custom software development can be a great way to meet a specific business need of a company. Through the programming of a customized software the company can have gains in efficiency and quality of its processes. Although development of custom software is often more costly than the use of software already developed, it can be rewarding in the long run.

Importance of Creating a Corporate Identity

Whether you are starting a new business or have a company with a short life time, this article is for you. In this, we will talk about the need to create a corporate image for your business, in order to be recognized more easily and thus be able to attract more customers.   Why should you start creating an image today? Corporate image is extremely important to a business. It is through this that a particular brand can be recognized and stand out from the competition. Probably you never noticed, but sometimes there are advertising campaigns that do not make direct reference to a particular brand, however, this is perceived by most consumers. This happens in an ideal scenario where the image of a company is so widely disseminated that it is not necessary to refer directly to a campaign because the public understands what brand it is. While typically only major global brands can achieve the ideal scenario described above, it is important that you start building your image today.   Where to start? The corporate image of your business is in everything that involves communication with the outside world. For example, your website should be one of the things you should start by worrying about. It must transmit an identity that can get closer to its target audience. Is the product you sell mostly for young people? So it might be a good idea to create a modern, more informal and dynamic website. These values ​​can convey them through the form of writing, images, colors and design used on your website. Developing your website is one of the possible starting points for starting to create and disseminate an image associated with your brand. The way of communication in social networks is another channel through which you should seek to propagate the corporate image that your website holds. As we know, social networks are essential today for practically any company that wants to be successfull. Thus, it is important that your image disclosed here is consistent with the image that is on your website. Again, in this case the image you want to pass should be shaped by the images you publish, the way you write, subjects covered, among others.   Put into practice Putting into practice some of the assumptions mentioned above may be more complex than you think. Significant effort is required to maintain and propagate a coherent and attractive corporate image over time. Thus, it is not surprising that there are agencies that provide this type of service today. Web House in addition to the development of websites, also has social networking services. These are the perfect combination to be able to advertise your business and build a consistent image over time. In this way you will be able to obtain a recognition of your brand and, consequently, gain clients with more facility.   Conclusion Building a corporate image for your brand is extremely important so that it can be recognized by consumers. This way you can also get closer to your target audience so that you can attract new customers more easily.

Law of protection of personal data - one year later

It has been a year since the new data protection law came into effect. In this article we try to analyze what has changed and what the current reality from the point of view of companies and consumers.   A Troubled Beginning The new General Regulation on Data Protection entered into force on 28 May 2018 but raised many doubts. Despite the numerous clarifications of the National Commission on Data Protection, the truth is that some issues have still been hanging in the minds of many people. This regulation promised to break completely with the previous regulation which was already outdated.   Main changes As a year later still many companies are not totally sensitized to the need to adapt new data protection policies, it is important to recall some of the main points that the new law defines. One of the most important aspects is to provide all means for the holder of the personal data to make changes or delete them. Thus the holder must have easy and timely access to all the information about him stored by a certain entity. On the other hand, a company when collecting data from a person needs to have their express consent. In this way, the company needs to be in possession of it with clear evidence that the person concerned has agreed to provide certain data. From the point of view of the company that stores data from several people or other entities, it needs to ensure that all efforts to store them safely are put into practice. That is, there can not be any type of behavior that does not conform to the highest safety standards. For example, storing data on a computer system with poor security and an older operating system version may bring penalties for the company in question. The company has to ensure that it does everything possible so that the data is protected and away from unauthorized access.   What changed in a year During the past year we have witnessed the efforts of many companies to comply with the new regulation. One of the most visible aspects for the general public was the receipt of emails from several companies that had their email address, asking if they wanted to continue receiving messages via that route. In this way it was possible for each person to have a better sense of who has their personal data, namely their email address, making it more transparent to delete them at any time. Although progress has been made, further development of the procedures will still be expected. More than new provisions, the new law implies generalized behavioral changes which normally takes a significant amount of time until it is perfectly implemented.   Conclusion The new General Regulation on Data Protection has brought a number of improvements, from the point of view of data subjects. Access to them has become easier and more transparent. Although much progress has been made, the behavioral change required by the new law may take a few more years to be fully implemented.

Frequent Backups: A Need in Any Business

Today we speak of a need often neglected by companies. The need to make regular backups of your business's most important data stored on your computer's hard drives. In the current context of frequent computer attacks, as well as, the possibility of malfunctions, keeping the information safeguarded is extremely important.   What are backups? Backups consist of saving a certain amount of information in some other location. This operation, therefore, duplicates the information. This is no longer present only on the hard disk of a particular computer, but is also stored in a second location. The purpose of backups is very simple. In case of failure of the initial computer where the information was stored, it will not be lost because it is safeguarded in another location. Thus, whether due to a computer attack, virus infection, or simply a technical malfunction, the information will not be permanently lost.   Information to save Even in small businesses the total amount of information stored on computer disks can be quite high. Virtually all business activity currently involves the use of computers, so this is not surprising. Gone is the time when much information was kept on paper, for example. Having said this, it is often imperative to make a selection of the information to be backed up, in order to reduce the amount of space required for it. So you should carefully select which file sets are most important to your business and that are not recoverable by other means if there is a problem on a particular computer.   Location of backups The location of backups is an important aspect in the process of safeguarding a company's information. It does not make sense to store them in the same location, or a location near the computer where the data was initially. To ensure maximum safety these must be stored in an external machine or equipment. If the backup is stored on the same machine as the original information, if there is a problem with this machine, both original and backup information may be lost. Thus, the backup should reside as far as possible from the original machine. One solution often used for backups is the cloud. This way information is stored on a server remotely and easily accessible from any part of the World. This solution has the advantage of not requiring the acquisition of new equipment, since it is based on the payment of a subscription for a service of this nature. Another solution sometimes followed is the storage of backups on a portable memory device, such as an external disk. This solution turns out to be the simplest solution for less advanced users. With this it is only necessary, periodically, to transfer the important files to the external disk. In case of problems with the computers the important information will be stored on the external disk and accessible immediately.   Conclusion A backup consists of copying the most important information stored on your company's computers in order to store it in an secondary location. This operation has the purpose of allowing that, in the event of a failure in the main computer system, the information can be recovered without being irreversibly lost. For backups to be performed as securely as possible, they should be stored in a location other than the company's primary computer system. Thus, in case of failure, it will not be compromised.
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