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Three trends for E-commerce

The increase in online shopping has led to new orders being sent by consumers and new challenges in terms of ordering processes. Faced with the need to turn realists into increasingly digital, efficient and fast processes, while still being personali

22 July, 2022 Lider Magazine Lider Magazine Freepik

The increase in online shopping has led to new orders being sent by consumers and new challenges in terms of ordering processes. Faced with the need to turn realists into increasingly digital, efficient and fast processes, while still being personalized, the Portuguese start-up, points out future trends that companies should take into account:

1 - Apply monitoring technology: monitoring almost to the minute is the minimum that customers expect throughout the delivery process. Currently, couriers are already able to share the status of each order with the consumer, whenever new developments are carried out. However, in many cases there are still difficulties in keeping this communication transparent at all stages. Faced with this, a trend will increasingly involve a complete view of the conditions of the order, with the inclusion of data such as temperature or exact routes, possible through the Internet of Things and that allows the consumer to have access to the maximum information.

2 management - Opt for hybrid fleet systems: hybrid fleet systems, couriers and delivery services are usually external to companies, but this aspect is changing. The trend that will mark the future will choose each time the rear model part of the process of its internal fleet more to have internal delivery options, so as to obtain a better control of the model through combined combinations.

3 - Adopt smart locker solutions: Smart Lockers, or smart lockers, will increasingly be a solution for the last moment of the process, as they can be considered the most efficient order collection. In this way, instead of having couriers going to the door to deliver each product, with this option the process is faster and more sustainable for the customer, being able to replace his order at any time, instead of being in a place at a specific time. and having to be delayed by the arrival of the courier to receive.

The internet develops and renews itself in micro seconds, making today's truth, information out of date in minutes, hours or days. All information in this article is valid and current on the date of publication.

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Importance of institutional videos

  Sometimes it can be complicated to present a concept or product clearly, but videos are a great medium for this purpose, as well as to present to your consumers the identity of your brand/business and what it consists of. Using a video, you can convey a clear, persuasive message and be better understood by your potential customers.   Institutional videos are personalized and exclusive creations, where you can present your brand or publicize a campaign that will air in the coming months on social networks or other media.   What benefits can institutional videos bring to your company?   Institutional videos add value to the brand, product and services. They do not only necessarily help to sell a product or service, but they are one of the fastest and most effective solutions to tell the story of the brand, build its image and make the target audience of the institution look at it with new eyes and clearly understand its message.   Within the various types of institutional videos there are those that also help to add value to a certain product or service, either by helping to publicize and promote a new product or existing products, in promotional activities, etc.   These institutional videos can also be shared on social media, where video content is the ideal method of disseminating information. In addition, they will also be an asset to be used in meetings, fairs, interviews, or even to send to potential customers.   Recognizing the importance of implementing institutional videos in your company's strategy, Webhouse offers an institutional video creation service - press play in your company, we create institutional videos for branding, campaigns and social networks. Learn more at:    

Web design trends for 2022

We all know numerous statements that tell us that we should not judge things based on appearances, but when it comes to the design of your website, its appearance plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Studies indicate that most people judge the credibility of a business, company or institution based on the appearance of its website, which proves the importance of having an appealing and well taken care of website. Nowadays it is no longer enough to have a website that is already several years old that contains the basic information of your business. Today's consumer, who adapts to the constant changes in the online world, demands that companies do the same with their website, making it appealing and thus making a good first impression-using videos, images, graphics, news, ebooks, among others.  That said, what are the main web design trends you should implement on your website?   Elegant typography While creative fonts add exclusivity to the site, modern trends demand that they be simpler and more elegant, as is the case of Serif fonts-with the iconic Vogue logo as an illustrative example of this type of font. Other examples of Serif fonts - the “little legs” of the letters - are Times New Roman, New York and PT Serif. It is notorious that more and more brands have been taking advantage of the elegance of these fonts, thus giving them a classic touch. This minimalist trend of using fonts in designs does not invalidate the use of colors, thus having a concept of colorful minimalism. It will still be important to take advantage of the white space that adds to this sense of simplicity. In it, important elements can be highlighted using large text and the Font in bold and italics.   Video content Video is a powerful resource that allows us to tell stories, explain concepts, and display products or services more interactively and efficiently than simple text or even images - thus becoming an important element in web design. Sometimes it can be complicated to present a concept or product clearly, but videos are a great medium for this purpose, as well as to present to your consumers the identity of your brand/business and what it consists of. In a content marketing strategy, this format further allows you to showcase your brand or your services and products to potential customers. The video not only facilitates in understanding the message you want to convey, it is even able to entertain and even excite the target audience. It also facilitates that this can be seen simultaneously with the performance of another activity, since it does not require the total concentration of the user, since the information reaches them audibly. With regard to engagement, this is also very practical, since it can be easily shared on various social networks, including messaging apps.  Video is a content format that can inform, entertain and excite your audience. In addition, being a content of easy consumption and practical for viewing, facilitates its sharing by users on social networks.   Minimalist Design Going along with the elegant typography, the minimalist design where the main focus is on simplicity and functionality will also be in vogue in the coming times. If your goal is to convey a modern, sophisticated and professional image, this design choice is undoubtedly the most indicated. Some elements that pass this elegance in the design are simplicity in shapes and colors, minimalist amount of texts and phrases, reduced use of images and a consistent design throughout the website.    If you want to keep your website attractive and neat in order to attract as many audiences as possible, you can take advantage of the Web Design service with Webhouse. Learn more at:

Social media trends

There is no doubt that social networks have a primary role in our lives today. This fact was proven by a study carried out in October 2021 by We Are Social and Hootsuite, which showed that there were 4,88 billion users of social networks worldwide until then – a number that is estimated to have been growing exponentially, with about 13 new users per second.  Tiktok   Among the various social networks that currently exist, TikTok has proven to be a successful phenomenon: it is now the seventh most popular social network in the world, being directly behind Instagram if we exclude the social networks mainly intended for the exchange of messages that are in 5th and 6th place. Due to its rapid and constant growth, it is estimated that it could rise to the first place of the most popular social network in the next 12 months. That said, TikTok will become an essential channel for brands to reach a larger target audience, including young people, throughout 2022. This reach of the younger audience is due to the fact that a considerable part of TikTok users belong to Generation Z, who are not impressed by conventional ads and are more interested in new approaches to digital Advertising.    Shopping on social networks: Instagram, Facebook e TikTok Of all the inconvenience that the pandemic has caused, a positive aspect that is clearly reflected in the online world is the considerable increase in adherence to this format of shopping on social networks that was implemented during the pandemic. Due to this great growth that occurred in 2020, where a large part of global sales were made online, many brands have adapted to this trend and have joined this type of sale, transforming their social networks into real showcases for their products or services. For users, this model allows a simpler and smoother shopping process without having to leave their social networks - for this, brands have adapted the concept of a store in order to allow customers to buy through social networks not only directly, but also through a link that redirects to the website or online store.    Paid campaigns A study by Social Trends 2022 indicates that most digital marketers intend to increase their investment in paid campaigns over the next year. This is because this year has seen a considerable drop in organic reach: according to Hootsuite data, the average organic reach of a Facebook post is around 5%, discouraging numbers that effectively make it necessary to invest in paid advertising. That said, the marketers estimate for 2022 is a planning focused on investment in Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, being that it was also noted an increase in networks such as TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat.    Permanent posts Despite the fact that young audiences have a growing interest in short-lived video content, the same does not apply to content that disappears after some time. Nowadays there is a growing interest in timeless publications, which remain in the feed of various social networks, and which can therefore be seen as many times as necessary and at any time. This type of publications allows the brand to create the history of the company and enhance lasting relationships between it and customers.   To help your brand differentiate itself on social networks, count on a marketing agency with the most diverse services and that will take your business to the next level! Get in touch with us:


Marketing Automation uses intelligent software capable of automating actions and operations of a company's communication strategy, allowing them to scale, and therefore resulting in a greater return on the various brand objectives. The vast majority of the target audience that companies intend to reach is on the internet and being aware of this, according to a study by Industry Dive carried out in 2019, until that same year about 75% of companies used at least one marketing automation tool.  So, what are the benefits of Marketing automation? Increasing of productivity With marketing automation, you will not only be increasing conversions in the various actions you choose to implement, but also increase the productivity of your workforce. This is due to the fact that having all the information updated and organized, as in the case of leads, facilitates the creation of automated communication actions and makes it easier to make decisions regarding them. Personalized communication for each persona As the title itself indicates, marketing automation allows you to create a personalized communication for each persona (portrait of one of the ideal customer profiles existing in the target audience). Based on this information, it is possible to customize various actions such as content and marketing campaigns in order to generate leads as accurately as possible, thus increasing the chances of conversion. This data is collected through Artificial intelligence (AI) tools as well as Machine Learning, such as Chatbots, which by collecting this information can learn and later make personalized decisions based on that data. Increased customer satisfaction As a result of the points mentioned above, it will be possible to obtain greater satisfaction on the customers´ part. This personalized communication allows you to reach customers ' needs and preferences faster, more efficiently and with less margin for error, resulting in them feeling unique, favoring efficiency and convenience. Recognizing the importance of marketing automation, Webhouse offers SMS Marketing services with custom fields as well as Google Ads campaigns. Learn more at: and, respectively.
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