Web Summit - Opportunity for Your Business?

Once again, Lisbon will host another Web Summit at FIL's venue. This year's edition will take place next month and will feature over 1200 speakers, over 2000 journalists, 11000 CEOs and 70000 visitors are expected. However, the price for a ti

27 September, 2019

Once again, Lisbon will host another Web Summit at FIL's venue. This year's edition will take place next month and will feature over 1200 speakers, over 2000 journalists, 11000 CEOs and 70000 visitors are expected. However, the price for a ticket can reach thousands of euros. Is it worth the investment? In this article we will look at this event and its potential.


Professional Events

Professional fairs have historically been one of the most effective ways to grow your network and your business. Recently the Internet has made this contact easier, so it is not necessarily necessary, for example, for an entrepreneur to go to China if he wants to find the supplier of a particular raw material for his business. However, these events are still very important today for most business areas. Personal contact, rather than email, is still highly valued in business.

In this type of professional events, it is possible to make new contacts, connecting with potential new suppliers and customers. Being this type of events usually associated with a certain business area, the entrepreneur has the possibility of having contact with a large volume of people in his area, in a short time.


What to do at Web Summit

Depending on what you are looking for, Web Summit has several aspects that can be useful for your business. On the one hand, as mentioned above, it will be an opportunity to broaden your network of contacts. However the possible advantages go far beyond this. The hundreds of speakers you will have the opportunity to hear are reference people in major companies around the world such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Uber, Amazon, Wikipedia, among many others. From such a promising group you will expect to learn a lot from listening to them and potentially finding new ideas for expanding your business.

There is another aspect to the Web Summit that can be particularly useful for companies looking for investors. This event will be attended by a large number of investors, both private and institutional. If you have a business idea that needs funding, this may be the ideal place to find an investor willing to support you in your business.


How much does it cost to join Web Summit

Ticket prices for admission to this event are not static and are increasing as the date approaches. At this time the price for a ticket is 995 €. For the entrance of an event is a high value for what is the Portuguese reality. However, you should view this value as a potential return on investment. In such an event you can boost the growth of your company and largely offset the value invested in the ticket.



Web Summit presence as a visitor or exhibitor can bring significant benefits to your business. Whether you are looking for investors, growing your customer and supplier network, or listening to leading professionals from major global companies, you may want to attend this event. You should consider your trip as a potential investment in the future of your company.

The internet develops and renews itself in micro seconds, making today's truth, information out of date in minutes, hours or days. All information in this article is valid and current on the date of publication.

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Why should I have a secure password?

You have certainly tried to register on some website and were bothered by having to choose a password full of requirements, with lowercase, uppercase letters, a special character, a number and at least 6 characters length. In this article we will understand and analyze the need for these requirements.   The fragility of a password If you think about it, a large amount of important and sensitive information about your business and personal life is just a password away. A stranger, who for some reason, knows this word will have access to all the information described above. It may be protecting all your communication via email, files on your computer, access to a server and sensitive databases, among others. You should think of a password as a key to your home. If the security of the lock is poor, it will be easier for a malicious person to invade your space. Similarly, a password considered weak will be a serious security breach in your business. It is considered an insecure password, a word that is easy to guess. For example the year of birth of the person, a surname, the name of the city where the company is located, among others. These are all words an attacker will try to use, so you should avoid them at all costs to protect your business from computer attacks.   Brute Force Attacks In addition to experiencing obvious passwords, a malicious person attempting to penetrate your system may also perform what is called a brute force attack. This consists of trying all the character combinations possible. For example, he can start with the word "aaaaa", then test "aaaab", then "aaaac" and so on. It is precisely to combat this type of attacks that the password requirements with which we started this article arise. If it contains only lowercase letters then fewer combinations are possible. Simply adding a number already increases the number of possible character combinations exponentially. Also capital letters and special character increases the number of combinations. With the password requirements described above you can make the number of possible combinations extraordinarily high to make it inpossible to attempt a brute force attack.   Conclusion A password can be the only means of protecting valuable information for your business or personal life. Therefore, you should spare no effort to ensure that your password is secure. A secure password is a word that is not obvious to guess and is complex enough that a brute force attack is not feasible. For this you must use words with at least 6 characters and it should consist of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. This will make it virtually impossible for an attacker to guess your password. Remember that the security of computer systems begins with users and they are careless attitudes of users that are often the source of computer attacks with severe consequences.
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