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social media management

In today's business landscape, your brand presence on social networks, and especially Facebook, can make the difference in time when you get a high value lead or even make a conversion.

Social Networks Process

You should understand your presence in

social networks

as an activity that requires

marketing planning,

content creation,


measurement of results



Aplicação Movel
With the current and growing audience and importance of the

social networks

as an influencer of opinion, we are here to ensure that your brand remains present, active and professionally accompanied, on


Google Plus,






and others.

Concepts to consider

This is a cyclical process that will lead you to high efficiency results, depending on how much you are able to dominate the basics concepts you should consider even before you enter your brand in the

social mídia.

Let's See.
  • In which networks should be present?

  • What communication strategy to use?

  • What contents to publish?

  • How often to post?

  • What times do you publish?

  • How to Interact with the public?

  • In what formats should you bet?

  • When to pay for advertising?

  • How to analyze the behavior of the masses?

  • How to monetize your audience?

These are some of the questions you must answer before you start activating your brand in the social universe. Count on our help in managing and maintaining your brand in such a demanding and universal environment..

Some brands we manage on Social Networks.

Show you now some

social media management

projects in which we have worked in the most different activity sectors.

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