What are digital influencers?

If you often browse on social networks, surely you already have heard this term. Although recent, it serves to designate a group of people whose popularity can be used to influence a wide range of consumers through their opinions and choices. These h

25 April, 2019

If you often browse on social networks, surely you already have heard this term. Although recent, it serves to designate a group of people whose popularity can be used to influence a wide range of consumers through their opinions and choices. These have been increasingly sought after by brands, precisely because of the weight they have between their consumers.


Origin of digital influencers

The origin of digital influencers is exclusively on the Internet. Although the platforms from which they come may be of several types, the common point among all of them is that their activity passes exclusively through the Internet. It is through this that they build a broad network of "followers" who are no more than a group of people who "follow" and access most of the content that the digital influencer produces. The influencer tries to produce original content that is of interest of its audience.

A digital influencer will have more value the bigger the network size of followers is because the greater the audience he can reach with his publications. Often, to achieve this status, it takes a few years. Only in this way the influencer can achieve sustained growth and bring together an audience of a few million people.


Relationship with brands

Trademark marketers soon realized that digital influencers could play a key role in promoting businesses. Because they have so many people who follow them and consider their choices and opinions valid, they could be an important vehicle of influence in these same people.

Most of the time there is the advantage of each digital influencer appeals to a specific audience, so it makes possible for brands to segment their advertising. For this you only need to identify the most relevant digital influencer for the target audience of your business. This way targeted campaigns are possible and, consequently, the probability of good results is higher. Age range, habits and interests can be segmented with relative ease, according to a particular digital influencer.


How much does a digital influencer cost?

Digital influencers usually work in two distinct ways: per campaign or long-term collaborations.

In the first situation the professional is hired only for the purpose of making a particular campaign. This usually involves promoting a particular product through videos, photos, and / or an opinion.

The second case occurs when the digital influencer signs a broader agreement with a brand, in which it undertakes over a period of time to produce diverse content to promote various products.

In both cases the amount they can earn can vary greatly. As already mentioned, a digital influencer is more valuable the greater is its base of followers. Thus there can be very disparate prices. An influencer still with few followers may be willing to promote a product only in exchange for the offer of this same product. In this case there is no cash payment. On the other hand, a professional with a few million followers can easily charge several thousand euros to make a reference of a particular good or service to their audience.

The internet develops and renews itself in micro seconds, making today's truth, information out of date in minutes, hours or days. All information in this article is valid and current on the date of publication.

Recent Articles

Dedicated Hosting VS Shared Hosting

If you want to develop a website for your business, you will come across the decision expressed in the title of this article. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option that we will review in this article.   Publishing a website Publishing a website on the Internet has three main stages: its development, hosting and maintenance over time. The first phase comprises the entire programming and organization of website content. In addition, its design, color choice and graphic appearance are part of this phase as well. Hosting includes server and domain configuration tasks so that the website is hosted (stored) on a server on the Internet. This way it is published and therefore accessible to anyone entering your address in the browser. Finally, the maintenance phase is about the updates that will be needed over time to keep the website up to date. Additionally, updating the platforms / programming languages ​​involved may also be a necessity to correct any bugs or security flaws encountered.   Web hosting In order to host your website on the Internet you need a server. A server is no more than a high-capacity computer system with websites stored that are permanently available on the Internet. One of the options you face when consulting the pricing and conditions of a company providing this service is choosing between dedicated and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is a server that only keeps your website hosted. Thus all hardware is for your exclusive use. Usually this situation translates into better website performance, namely faster loading, as well as the possibility of more concurrent visitors simultaneously. On the other hand, shared hosting refers to a server that is shared by multiple clients / websites. That is, your website shares resources with other websites. In this case a longer load time is expected and the number of simultaneous accesses is more limited. Given the above, you typically opt for dedicated hosting when a website has high expected traffic. For example, if you are developing a news site for the general public, it might be wise to choose a dedicated hosting. Due to the generic nature of the website, it can be accessed by a large number of people. By contrast, if you are developing an institutional site with expected low traffic, you should opt for shared hosting. The choice you make will impact the costs involved. As you would expect, dedicated hosting  is much more expensive than shared hosting. According to the expected traffic of the website, you can choose which one is the most appropriate, considering that for low traffic websites it will not be worth significantly increasing costs.   Conclusion To host your website you will be faced with the choice of dedicated or shared hosting. The main difference between both is the performance and concurrent access capability it supports. In dedicated hosting you have hardware for your website only, which is not shared with anyone else. On the other hand, in shared hosting, this is divided by several websites. Thus, in the second case, your website's performance is expected to be lower than in the first situation.

Paid Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is today a global social network. Visited daily by millions of people around the world, this social network can be a great partner when it comes to promoting your business. In this article we explain how.   Audience Targeting The importance of your company being on Facebook is unquestionable today. However there are more benefits beyond this simple presence. One of the great advantages of Facebook advertising is that it can target your audience. This means you can choose the profile of people you'd like to show your advertising to. Hundreds of criteria are available, such as age, place of residence, educational background and interests. For example, you might choose to show your ad only to 30- to 40-year-old male college graduates interested in motorsports. By combining multiple criteria you can very precisely filter the audience you want to reach.   Advertising Price In fact, there is no pre-set fixed price for advertising on Facebook. This is entirely flexible and proportional to the number of people you want to reach. So you can adjust the amount you want to spend knowing that it will have a direct impact on the number of Facebook users who will see your ad. This value is usually set per day. That is, you can choose, for example, to spend 5 € per day for 7 days. So your campaign total value will be $ 35 and your advertising will reach a certain number of users. This forecast of the number of users will be shown at the time your campaign is activated, so you can get a sense of what the value you are willing to invest allows.   Advertising Formats Facebook advertising can take many formats that are suited for different purposes. A potential goal may be to promote a particular specific product. For example, supposing you have an online store that sells tech products you might want to develop a promotion on one of those specific products. Thus, you can build a post with some product images, description and key features of the product and a link for interested people to make a purchase. Another possible interest for a Facebook promotion could be to make your business known a to a group of users who might be interested. In this case it will make sense to write a post with a succinct presentation and some photos. These two examples are just two cases of the wide range of advertising possibilities that exist on Facebook. A crosscutting precaution you must take to make your campaign successful is to include little text in your post. It is well studied by marketers that the amount of text on a social network is inversely proportional to the number of users who react to it. That is, the fewer words you can use, the better!   Conclusion The advertising tool on Facebook could be an important ally of your business. The ability to specify the target audience and the flexible nature of the costs involved are two major advantages. You should always be aware that you should include as little text as possible in every advertisement, as it increases the chances of users interacting with your post.

Smartphone computer attacks

You have probably heard of the headaches computer viruses can cause. These are usually associated with personal computers, but can they also infect smartphones? In this article we seek to give you an answer.   Computer viruses Computer viruses are a reality since computers exist. These can be developed for various reasons. From stealing sensitive personal information like bank details, industry secrets or files with private information to simply being used to cause chaos and damage to the targeted computer system. In conjunction with these maliciously crafted pieces of software, antivirus software soon began to emerge. The latter aim to prevent or neutralize virus infection in situations of infection. Thus, an antivirus is today essential software in any computer system, as a preventive company measure against attacks.   Main targets of computer attacks To better understand which systems are most likely to be infected with viruses, it is important to understand what the preferred targets are. Often the preferred target is the most common computer system. That is, because viruses are often developed to spread as much as possible, they are usually developed with the most common system configuration in mind. This is one of the reasons why Windows computers are more susceptible to attacks than Linux systems. Because Windows is so much more popular, making it the most widely used operating system in the world, it makes sense that viruses are mostly developed for it. A virus for Linux would have much less room to spread from due to the reduced number of computers running this operating system compared to Windows. The above reasoning also justifies why smartphone viruses in the recent past have not yet taken a high proportion. However, with the mass use of these devices, we are in a transition phase.   Smartphone viruses A smartphone can be infected with viruses, just like any other computer system. The goals can be the same as traditional computer viruses and do similar damage. Its origin is also similar. An attachment in an email, a file downloaded from a page, or an application obtained from non official app stores can be the gateway to a virus on your smartphone. So you should pay attention to the source of everything you install or open on your smartphone. On the other hand, there are also several antivirus options for mobile devices. These add extra protection to your equipment. In case of infection they can neutralize the threat before it can cause damages.   Conclusion Computer viruses can infect smartphones just as they do personal computers. Their origin and ways of fighting are similar among smartphone or personal computer viruses. The main advice is to install an antivirus and avoid opening files from unreliable sources.

Optimize processes with custom software

The advancement of technology has improved the lives of businesses in many areas. In this article we will cover how this may be the key to optimize processes and make your business more profitable.   Custom Software Custom software development consists of programming tools that respond to a specific business need. These solutions are thus programmed from scratch, taking into account certain assumptions and adapted to the reality of a particular company. The advantage of this approach is that the software is fully customized so that it can better address the problems of the company in question. As opposed to already developed generic software that may not be entirely suitable for the circumstances of a particular company.   Optimize processes Optimizing a company's procedures often involves reducing its dependence on the human factor. Any activities that can be automated in any way through computer systems are possible optimization points and can contribute to the success of your business. Through this it is possible to free up one or more human resources which may thus be involved in other areas of the company, adding more value. In addition to this advantage there may also be a decrease in the mistakes made, normal in all processes where a Human Being is directly involved. Emotional states, tiredness, overconfidence, distraction, are examples of states that can inadvertently lead to errors. A computer system, for its part, is not affected by these factors, thus making it possible to minimize errors made during the processes. Even failing to reduce the human factor, in certain processes can be possible to increase their speed through computer solutions. With this speed you can free up at least some of the time of human resources that can be invested in another area of ​​value to the company.   Role of custom software Custom software can play a key role in the process optimization task at your company. The fact that it is developed from scratch, entirely tailored to the customer, allows maximum efficiency when used in the company's processes. For example, an online store will have to deal with supplier orders, customer orders, customer deliveries and stock management. All of these tasks can be optimized to be as automated as possible. When a product is out of stock it may be automatically unavailable in the online store. In contrast, when more stock arrives, it can become available automatically. When a product is very popular and nearing the end of its stock, an alert may be sent to order it. All of the above ideas are examples of everyday business processes that can be automated through the use of custom software. The Web House is an example of a company providing custom software development service. Make a contact to get a quote.   Conclusion Tailor-made software development is one way to optimize your business processes. Whether by automating tasks that can free up human resources or by increasing the speed with which they are performed, this optimization can bring immediate benefits to the business.

Business Areas That Thrive in Summer

During the summer period, many business areas see their sells decline. As a result of the fact that many people are on vacation, many companies also register a decrease in their employees. However, not all areas of business are like this. If you are looking for a summer business to diversify your sources of income, this article is for you.   Business decrease The fact that many people are on holiday and even abroad means that there is a drop in demand for products and services in various business areas. This is particularly relevant for those who sell products directly to the public. On the other hand, for companies that provide services to other companies, the decrease in business is also a reality in various sectors of activity. Due to the fact that most company employees are also absent, particularly managers with decision-making power, often closing business decisions are delayed.   Increased Summer Turnover Despite the above there are business areas that tend to have their best period, in terms of turnover, in the summer months. Examples are the catering and hotel sectors in bathing areas. These areas see an increase in the flow of people coming to them in the summer, so an increase in demand for catering and accommodation is expected. Within the accommodation sector the local housing can be a great way to earn an extra income in the summer months for those who have another activity during the year. In this case the internet promotion of the accommodation and a good image on the web are the decisive factors to succeed. Business sectors associated with events such as weddings and baptisms also know the best time of year in the summer. Often organized outdoors, the fact that weather offers days of clear skies and warmth is often preferred by people over other times of the year. This business sector includes the area of venue rental for such events. Here may be another business opportunity for those who have another occupation during the year, but would like to create additional income in the summer months. Investing in a space that can be rented for events is therefore a viable option as long as it is not far from the main cities and be able to accommodate a large number of people. The best way to promote this type of business might be to develop a website with all the information about the space, as well as photos.   Conclusion Although many business areas have a decrease in turnover during the summer months, there are sectors of activity whose trend is reversed. The areas of catering and accommodation in areas sought after for vacation are examples of this. With the movement of people to these areas, there is an increase in demand in these business areas. Local accommodation thus constitutes an alternative source of income for the summer months. If your business declines at this time of year, operating a local accommodation could create an extra flow of capital. In another business area we also suggest in this article the exploration of a space for events. The business areas associated with the organization of events also tend to register their highest demand in summer.
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