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How to retain your customers?

Currently, changes are common and companies need to be prepared for updates, evolutions and new ways of acting to maintain the relationship and build customer loyalty. With that in mind, we've selected some tips to help ensure good contact with y

04 February, 2022

Currently, changes are common and companies need to be prepared for updates, evolutions and new ways of acting to maintain the relationship and build customer loyalty. With that in mind, we've selected some tips to help ensure good contact with your audience in uncertain times.

As the customer becomes more demanding, getting their attention becomes more difficult and understanding the key elements to ensuring a customer's loyalty it's the key to success these days.


  • First security guarantee

Maslow's hierarchical pyramid of needs says that the human being needs, first of all, is to feel safe. According to the Adyen Report, a global payment platform, the Portuguese are concerned about the security of their purchases. 31% still do not feel safe in the presence of strangers. 4 out of 10 Portuguese say they make detours in stores that have lines, because they don't feel comfortable.

Cleaning payment points is also important for customers, contactless and self-buching are some solutions and trends.


  • Be next to the customer

With the pandemic, companies that adapt to offer their services online will bring consumers closer and increase their sales, as this is a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years.

Physical stores are also a reality and a preference of 5 out of 10 Portuguese, who prefer to do their shopping in stores closest to their home. And 23% revealed that they are more loyal to stores close to them.


  • Give voice to your conscience

Today's consumers are increasingly concerned about the origin of the products, their value chain, their views on ethics or social responsibility of the brands they buy. 33% of the consumers say they are more likely to shop at stores with ethical suppliers or supply chains, and 42% are more concerned about the ethics of a business establishment uses to communicate their values.


  • Let the relationship grow

For the relationship to grow with quality, build relationships and communicate with your customers, to understand exactly what their needs are and how your brand can solve them invest in security, technology and be online and physically close to your target audience.


To create the ideal marketing strategy for your company, attract and retain your customers, Webhouse is your digital partner!

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The internet develops and renews itself in micro seconds, making today's truth, information out of date in minutes, hours or days. All information in this article is valid and current on the date of publication.

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Marketing Automation uses intelligent software capable of automating actions and operations of a company's communication strategy, allowing them to scale, and therefore resulting in a greater return on the various brand objectives. The vast majority of the target audience that companies intend to reach is on the internet and being aware of this, according to a study by Industry Dive carried out in 2019, until that same year about 75% of companies used at least one marketing automation tool.  So, what are the benefits of Marketing automation? Increasing of productivity With marketing automation, you will not only be increasing conversions in the various actions you choose to implement, but also increase the productivity of your workforce. This is due to the fact that having all the information updated and organized, as in the case of leads, facilitates the creation of automated communication actions and makes it easier to make decisions regarding them. Personalized communication for each persona As the title itself indicates, marketing automation allows you to create a personalized communication for each persona (portrait of one of the ideal customer profiles existing in the target audience). Based on this information, it is possible to customize various actions such as content and marketing campaigns in order to generate leads as accurately as possible, thus increasing the chances of conversion. This data is collected through Artificial intelligence (AI) tools as well as Machine Learning, such as Chatbots, which by collecting this information can learn and later make personalized decisions based on that data. Increased customer satisfaction As a result of the points mentioned above, it will be possible to obtain greater satisfaction on the customers´ part. This personalized communication allows you to reach customers ' needs and preferences faster, more efficiently and with less margin for error, resulting in them feeling unique, favoring efficiency and convenience. Recognizing the importance of marketing automation, Webhouse offers SMS Marketing services with custom fields as well as Google Ads campaigns. Learn more at: and, respectively.

Top digital marketing trends for your brand

If there is one area that is constantly evolving, it is digital marketing. Just as internet users are always on the lookout for new things, brands need to keep up with these news at the same pace. Mobile Users are increasingly abandoning the use of the desktop and choosing the mobile version (mobile phone or tablets) to use the internet. Therefore, both your website and your social networks need to be adapted to this situation. A bad experience generates frustrations and great losses for your business. Humanize the brand Yes, people love online, but don't forget that they are still people. Therefore, it is important that your brand is not just a corporate company on social networks, but a brand open to dialogue with the consumer, with easy access to ask questions or complaints and maintain a human and light relationship through publications and interactions. . E-commerce During and after the pandemic, consumers changed their way of consumption. Online sales took off and so did the amount of new e-commerce. Having an online store is like having a store open 24/7. Offering this practicality to the customer is to be one step ahead to be chosen among the competition. If your brand is still not on top of these trends, it's time to rethink planning and invest in innovations. Contact the Webhouse team, we are experts in digital marketing and we can come up with an ideal plan for your brand to reach the next level.

Three trends for E-commerce

The increase in online shopping has led to new orders being sent by consumers and new challenges in terms of ordering processes. Faced with the need to turn realists into increasingly digital, efficient and fast processes, while still being personalized, the Portuguese start-up, points out future trends that companies should take into account: 1 - Apply monitoring technology: monitoring almost to the minute is the minimum that customers expect throughout the delivery process. Currently, couriers are already able to share the status of each order with the consumer, whenever new developments are carried out. However, in many cases there are still difficulties in keeping this communication transparent at all stages. Faced with this, a trend will increasingly involve a complete view of the conditions of the order, with the inclusion of data such as temperature or exact routes, possible through the Internet of Things and that allows the consumer to have access to the maximum information. 2 management - Opt for hybrid fleet systems: hybrid fleet systems, couriers and delivery services are usually external to companies, but this aspect is changing. The trend that will mark the future will choose each time the rear model part of the process of its internal fleet more to have internal delivery options, so as to obtain a better control of the model through combined combinations. 3 - Adopt smart locker solutions: Smart Lockers, or smart lockers, will increasingly be a solution for the last moment of the process, as they can be considered the most efficient order collection. In this way, instead of having couriers going to the door to deliver each product, with this option the process is faster and more sustainable for the customer, being able to replace his order at any time, instead of being in a place at a specific time. and having to be delayed by the arrival of the courier to receive.

Digital advertising in Europe grows 30.5% to €92 billion

The digital advertising market in Europe grew by 30.5% in 2021, reaching €92 billion. The data are from IAB Europe, the European association dedicated to Digital Marketing and the advertising ecosystem, which justifies this significant growth with the progressive return to normality after the pandemic. The “AdEx Benchmark 2021” report, which analyzed 28 markets, also reveals that all of them recorded an increase in the tens. Turkey stands out as the country with the highest growth (99.7%), while the UK, Germany and France account for more than half of all European investment in digital ads. Still, the study warns: rising inflation means that some data collected by advertisers and marketers must be carefully interpreted.

Webhouse accepts the Fest4Kids adventure!

Fest4Kids will be the biggest children's event in the Iberian Peninsula and will take place on June 3rd, 4th and 5th at Estádio do Bonfim, in Setúbal. Trampolines, inflatables and a disco for the youngest, extreme sports and gaming for the young audience. At the end of the day, Carolina Deslandes, D.A.M.A, Bárbara Tinoco and Team BRK - Tik Tok Show Creators delight the whole family. This is a summary of the event that has more than 15,000m2 and 12 hours a day of non-stop fun. We embarked on the Fest4Kids project we are planning, creating, developing and disseminating. An adventure to play with the little ones, but which brings great satisfaction to all professionals within the Webhouse. You can follow the entire project through the website and through social networks.
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