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Tips to increase online sales

Are online sales important?   The last three months of the year are filled with great commemorative dates that move retail. Even before the pandemic, there was already a growing trend in online shopping, contributing to the importance of a

10 December, 2021

Are online sales important?


The last three months of the year are filled with great commemorative dates that move retail. Even before the pandemic, there was already a growing trend in online shopping, contributing to the importance of a well-structured platform to deal with the large volume of searches on the site and the intense flow of sales, without losing market opportunities and reducing quality of products, services, or delivery time.


1. The Importance of Data for Online Sales


To leverage your online communication strategy, try to understand and ask, if your customer or lead allows all their priorities and interests. Understand your audience and discover the most personalized way to approach and relate to them.

For Christmas, create irresistible promotions based on what you know and offer an enchanting experience.

Remember to always be aware of current data protection legislation to respect all customer or potential customer rights.


2. Explore the channels where your online customer is


The process that leads the customer to buy online goes through several steps, for example, the customer can learn about your product through social media, but make the purchase after receiving a marketing email with a special discount or more information about the product, thus prompting you to buy.

Thinking about approaches and content for each of the channels (social media, email marketing, SMS, push notifications and more) can be tiring and tiring. If you have difficulty managing the different social networks, at the Webhouse there is a Social Network Management service where you can create strategies according to your objective.


3.Remarketing for online sales


Remarketing is the online marketing process for people who have already shown an interest in your product or service. The goal is to bring the person back to your online store and get them to complete the purchase.

The challenge of this strategy is to understand that the customer can be at different stages of the purchasing process, such as knowledge, consideration, decision, or loyalty.

The key to success is, for example, specific campaigns for those who downloaded or visited certain content you offered, who visited certain pages on your website or who abandoned the shopping cart.


4. Loyalty campaigns for online sales


Christmas is a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship, the partnership throughout the year and send exclusive promotions to your customers. Retaining customers is an important strategy for business success, as it costs much more to acquire a new customer than to keep an old one.

After-sales service is also important, so that the customer stays in touch with your brand, increasing the possibility of doing new business and creating loyalty to become a volunteer ambassador of your products and services.


5. Automation for online sales


With a well-structured website, betting on automation saves energy and resources. There are several processes that can be automated, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your online store, such as lead capture, remarketing, conversion, and loyalty.

Through the automation flow, it is possible to monitor the performance of shipments, how many openings the campaigns had, if your customers abandoned their carts, recover inactive customers or other situations relevant to your business and customer.

The internet develops and renews itself in micro seconds, making today's truth, information out of date in minutes, hours or days. All information in this article is valid and current on the date of publication.

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