Protect your business from ransomware

Nowadays almost every activity of a company goes through computer systems. In them resides a vast set of information essential for your business. Ramsomware aims to exploit the reliance on this information for the continuation of a business. &nbsp

18 August, 2019

Nowadays almost every activity of a company goes through computer systems. In them resides a vast set of information essential for your business. Ramsomware aims to exploit the reliance on this information for the continuation of a business.


What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious software designed to prevent infected users from accessing his files. In the business context such a situation can have catastrophic consequences because a company cannoe live without the information contained in its computer systems. Usually this type of infection is accompanied by some kind of "ransom request" in which a victim is required to be given access to their files. Most of the times this amount should be paid in bitcoin thus making the transfer untraceable.

The most common behavior of this type of virus is to encrypt the entire contents of the disk. That is, all files are eligible unless the decryption key is provided. This key is thus used as an exchange to prompt the user to make the required payment, with the expectation that the attacker will send him the key and he can recover all his files.


Forms of attack

The main ways to get infected with this type of malware are the same as those of computer virus infection. Basically the 2 biggest gateway to your system are email and visiting sites of dubious origin.

Email is your company's primary gateway to the world. Thus, it is not surprising that it is one of the most widely used ways for attacks. You should always be careful about attachments or links that are in the body of the emails you receive. You should not run or click anything from unknown or unwanted senders.

Browsing sites of dubious origin may also be the reason for ransomware infection. Whether you are transferring and executing a file or exploiting a vulnerability in your system, you may see your computer infected with a virus.


How to protect yourself

One of the essential requirements to protect your company from computer attacks is to install an antivirus on your system. This way you will already have a layer of protection in case malicious software infects your system. However, antivirus software is not foolproof and may offer limited protection for new viruses. Thus the human aspect is fundamental, that is, the habits and actions of the user. Risk behaviors such as those outlined above should be avoided as much as possible to reduce the likelihood of being infected with a computer virus. It is therefore up to company managers to ensure that all employees adopt safe behaviors on their computers, since the failure of only one of them can compromise the entire organization.

The internet develops and renews itself in micro seconds, making today's truth, information out of date in minutes, hours or days. All information in this article is valid and current on the date of publication.

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In the digital age in which we live creativity is more stimulated than ever. New ideas come up every day. However, their implementation is often delayed or even never realized. In this article we will explain how you can make your idea of ​​an app come out of your head and become a reality.   The mobile app market The annual turnover generated by mobile applications is extraordinarily large and has been increasing in recent years. More and more people use their smartphone for several everyday tasks. So it is not surprising that the growing offerings of applications that allow you to expand the functionality of a smartphone eventually capture people's interest.   Analyze your idea The first step you should take when getting an idea for a mobile app is to study the market. Firstly to understand if there are similar applications. Secondly, to try to understand the value and potential return of an application you are thinking about. There are several strategies you can use to make money from mobile applications. Only through this analysis is it wise to consider moving to the implementation phase that will have some costs and require an initial investment.   Implement an idea If you have an idea for a smartphone app but don't have programming skills, you should partner with a company that can help you with that. The Web House is an example of a company that can make your idea a reality. The vast experience of your team of developers allows you to embrace any project and implement an idea as you imagine it. On the other hand, if you have some knowledge in application programming or have already done some, you can choose to move on to implementing it by yourself. However, it should be noted that application development typically involves skills in different areas, such as design, programming and databases. This often requires more than one person to intervene in its development. Thus, it is unlikely that even if you can develop some part of yourself, you will not need any additional help from anyone.   Conclusion If you have an idea for an application you should start by doing a preliminary study of its utility and finantial potential. Only after this you should advance to the development part. At this stage you can choose to develop on your own or partner with a company with experience in application development. If you have programming knowledge, it may make sense to choose the first option. This will save you some initial costs. Despite this option, it is likely that you do not have the technical knowledge to program an application, in which case you should choose the second option and look for a company that can assist you in the task.

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Why should I have a secure password?

You have certainly tried to register on some website and were bothered by having to choose a password full of requirements, with lowercase, uppercase letters, a special character, a number and at least 6 characters length. In this article we will understand and analyze the need for these requirements.   The fragility of a password If you think about it, a large amount of important and sensitive information about your business and personal life is just a password away. A stranger, who for some reason, knows this word will have access to all the information described above. It may be protecting all your communication via email, files on your computer, access to a server and sensitive databases, among others. You should think of a password as a key to your home. If the security of the lock is poor, it will be easier for a malicious person to invade your space. Similarly, a password considered weak will be a serious security breach in your business. It is considered an insecure password, a word that is easy to guess. For example the year of birth of the person, a surname, the name of the city where the company is located, among others. These are all words an attacker will try to use, so you should avoid them at all costs to protect your business from computer attacks.   Brute Force Attacks In addition to experiencing obvious passwords, a malicious person attempting to penetrate your system may also perform what is called a brute force attack. This consists of trying all the character combinations possible. For example, he can start with the word "aaaaa", then test "aaaab", then "aaaac" and so on. It is precisely to combat this type of attacks that the password requirements with which we started this article arise. If it contains only lowercase letters then fewer combinations are possible. Simply adding a number already increases the number of possible character combinations exponentially. Also capital letters and special character increases the number of combinations. With the password requirements described above you can make the number of possible combinations extraordinarily high to make it inpossible to attempt a brute force attack.   Conclusion A password can be the only means of protecting valuable information for your business or personal life. Therefore, you should spare no effort to ensure that your password is secure. A secure password is a word that is not obvious to guess and is complex enough that a brute force attack is not feasible. For this you must use words with at least 6 characters and it should consist of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. This will make it virtually impossible for an attacker to guess your password. Remember that the security of computer systems begins with users and they are careless attitudes of users that are often the source of computer attacks with severe consequences.

Dedicated Hosting VS Shared Hosting

If you want to develop a website for your business, you will come across the decision expressed in the title of this article. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option that we will review in this article.   Publishing a website Publishing a website on the Internet has three main stages: its development, hosting and maintenance over time. The first phase comprises the entire programming and organization of website content. In addition, its design, color choice and graphic appearance are part of this phase as well. Hosting includes server and domain configuration tasks so that the website is hosted (stored) on a server on the Internet. This way it is published and therefore accessible to anyone entering your address in the browser. Finally, the maintenance phase is about the updates that will be needed over time to keep the website up to date. Additionally, updating the platforms / programming languages ​​involved may also be a necessity to correct any bugs or security flaws encountered.   Web hosting In order to host your website on the Internet you need a server. A server is no more than a high-capacity computer system with websites stored that are permanently available on the Internet. One of the options you face when consulting the pricing and conditions of a company providing this service is choosing between dedicated and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is a server that only keeps your website hosted. Thus all hardware is for your exclusive use. Usually this situation translates into better website performance, namely faster loading, as well as the possibility of more concurrent visitors simultaneously. On the other hand, shared hosting refers to a server that is shared by multiple clients / websites. That is, your website shares resources with other websites. In this case a longer load time is expected and the number of simultaneous accesses is more limited. Given the above, you typically opt for dedicated hosting when a website has high expected traffic. For example, if you are developing a news site for the general public, it might be wise to choose a dedicated hosting. Due to the generic nature of the website, it can be accessed by a large number of people. By contrast, if you are developing an institutional site with expected low traffic, you should opt for shared hosting. The choice you make will impact the costs involved. As you would expect, dedicated hosting  is much more expensive than shared hosting. According to the expected traffic of the website, you can choose which one is the most appropriate, considering that for low traffic websites it will not be worth significantly increasing costs.   Conclusion To host your website you will be faced with the choice of dedicated or shared hosting. The main difference between both is the performance and concurrent access capability it supports. In dedicated hosting you have hardware for your website only, which is not shared with anyone else. On the other hand, in shared hosting, this is divided by several websites. Thus, in the second case, your website's performance is expected to be lower than in the first situation.

Paid Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is today a global social network. Visited daily by millions of people around the world, this social network can be a great partner when it comes to promoting your business. In this article we explain how.   Audience Targeting The importance of your company being on Facebook is unquestionable today. However there are more benefits beyond this simple presence. One of the great advantages of Facebook advertising is that it can target your audience. This means you can choose the profile of people you'd like to show your advertising to. Hundreds of criteria are available, such as age, place of residence, educational background and interests. For example, you might choose to show your ad only to 30- to 40-year-old male college graduates interested in motorsports. By combining multiple criteria you can very precisely filter the audience you want to reach.   Advertising Price In fact, there is no pre-set fixed price for advertising on Facebook. This is entirely flexible and proportional to the number of people you want to reach. So you can adjust the amount you want to spend knowing that it will have a direct impact on the number of Facebook users who will see your ad. This value is usually set per day. That is, you can choose, for example, to spend 5 € per day for 7 days. So your campaign total value will be $ 35 and your advertising will reach a certain number of users. This forecast of the number of users will be shown at the time your campaign is activated, so you can get a sense of what the value you are willing to invest allows.   Advertising Formats Facebook advertising can take many formats that are suited for different purposes. A potential goal may be to promote a particular specific product. For example, supposing you have an online store that sells tech products you might want to develop a promotion on one of those specific products. Thus, you can build a post with some product images, description and key features of the product and a link for interested people to make a purchase. Another possible interest for a Facebook promotion could be to make your business known a to a group of users who might be interested. In this case it will make sense to write a post with a succinct presentation and some photos. These two examples are just two cases of the wide range of advertising possibilities that exist on Facebook. A crosscutting precaution you must take to make your campaign successful is to include little text in your post. It is well studied by marketers that the amount of text on a social network is inversely proportional to the number of users who react to it. That is, the fewer words you can use, the better!   Conclusion The advertising tool on Facebook could be an important ally of your business. The ability to specify the target audience and the flexible nature of the costs involved are two major advantages. You should always be aware that you should include as little text as possible in every advertisement, as it increases the chances of users interacting with your post.
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